Christmas Eve is here and so is Santa.

I am really excited. It is my fashion and style blog’s first Christmas and I wanted to celebrate it in the most fashionable way possible but, as I usually do, in a more unconventional way. Instead of presenting you Santa or one of his sexy dressed helpers, I decided to make a fashion – music connection once again and present to you an outfit created as homage to one of the classics, a song that was meant to militate for the end of the Vietnam war as part of an extended campaign of the author, John Lennon and his wife Yoko. The song was rapidly adopted as a Christmas tune and has remained in the seasonal playlists ever since.

Those being said, I present to you Mary, Mary Christmas!

The design I propose to you is inspired by that period, when the flower power generation was in its prime, when love mattered above anything else as it should in present times too. That is the spirit, right?!

I recon the baby-doll dress is the a very good reflection of that period and because it is Winter I allowed myself long bell sleeves and a red floppy hat to accompany it. The colors are in accordance with the theme I have chosen but the pattern, although a conservative one, is intended to reflect joy and happiness.

This is my little hippie gift to you my friend for this Christmas Eve, others will follow, but till next time I hope Santa will bring you all you really need!

Love, BDD


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Photo: BiLoo

Make-up and Model: Kiaari Design & Makeup

Hair-style: Andreea-Daniela Nicola

Clothes and Styling: Black Diamonds Design

Accessories: Lorena Moni