Music to wear

All good things in fashion and music return after decades to inspire designers, composers and in the end all of us.

One of the fashion/music trends that reinvented itself for this Century is most certainly the Rockabilly. The glamour of the rock’n’roll Era like polka dots, stripes and animal print got mixed together into a great statement for fashion and music alike.

I got inspired by the boldness of this trend and by the rhythm of its music and created a dress both striped and animal related to celebrate this culture but stepping out of its boundaries, yet maintaining the quintessence of it all: rock’n’roll baby!

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… and here some good quality rockabilly by Imelda May



Photo: biLoo Photography

Make-up: Andreea Kiaari

Hair-style: Antonela Cocean

Clothes and Styling: Black Diamonds Design

Model: Oana Slimac

P.S. Don’t ever forget what Mademoiselle Coco used to say: “Fashion passes; Style remains” … xoxo