The Hat Trick – 3rd Base – THE MIX

The Turban,  a peculiar and very adaptable hat.

With origins that link to ancient Persia, Greece, India and Northern Africa, its only certainty is that the actual fashion item is a complex mixture of history and traditions that made the leap over the ritual and conventional values and made it so incredibly fascinating for fashion designers and fashion enthusiasts alike.
The actual turban I used is similar to the head scarf that the 70s fashion adopted as an accessory. A fusion of Indian, Gypsy and Southern Asian cultures, this turban became a symbol of freedom and femininity.
Versatile to the max, it can be used as a casual head dress, as shown in the featured photos, yet when combined with the right accessories (broaches, pins or feathers) can become a real fashion statement and an element that one can easily wear at a formal event, with an appropriate formal dress of course :).

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Photo: biLoo Photography

Make-up: Andreea Kiaari

Hair-style: Antonela Cocean

Clothes and Styling: Black Diamonds Design

Model: Oana Slimac