Yin-Yang Polka Dots

Polka dots, everybody knows them, they were at the time as popular as the dance that launched them and, in spite of its fall, still are. Products made of the dotted pattern were fashionable at the end of the 19th century and rapidly invaded all fields involving textiles, from family products to the hi-end women garments. The 20th century gave them a boost first with the appearance of “polka dot bikini” – as an ultra-feminine symbol – in the 1920’s and afterwards in the “love and peace” decades as a symbol of equality amongst sexes. The 21st century was the time that the “polka dot” pattern became an icon uniting in a taoistic way both female and male public, being used by fashion designers, soccer players and representatives of all showbiz areas around the world, regardless of their gender.
Although loved and hated, praised and criticized, just like the “Yin and Yang” symbol, they managed to maintain their balance no matter what.

by B:D:D

P.s. Don’t ever forget what Mademoiselle Coco used to say: “Fashion passes; Style remains”

Source: YouTube.com – Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey – Polka dots and moonbeams


Photo: biLoo Photography

Make-up and Model: Andreea Kiaari

Hair-style: Antonela Cocean

Clothes and Styling: Black Diamonds Design