By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer.

– Helen Hunt Jackson

According to our calendars, summer is officially gone. But what we are actually witnessing during these first days of autumn is what you could call a transition phase. And, as Helen Hunt Jackson has brilliantly put it, we will be experiencing lovely September days with autumn cheer and summer weather.

Thus, I have decided to share with you one more piece of clothing in celebration of Summer. And I believe to have come up with the perfect combination of everything we love about this warm season mixed into one stunning piece of garment.

So what do we enjoy most about summer? The first few things that come to mind would be the warm sun, sandy beach, deep blue sea, clear sky, cool wind, gentle rain, bright colors, delicate materials, etc. And these are just a few of the many reasons that make us fall in love with summer. Therefore, the perfect piece to celebrate summer has to draw inspiration of these elements and bring them to a new level.

Let’s start with the design inspiration. Allow me to say that this blouse has what is known as a butterfly cut. This design was originally inspired by the Poncho and we could say that it is a more modern version of it. The main features of this design include a comfortable fit and large sleeves, resembling the beautiful wings of a butterfly, from where we also have the design name. Not only this, but the materials used in making this type of blouses are also usually been inspired by the delicate features of this creature. In my case, I have chosen silk to be the graceful material that gives flight to these wings.

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”

–  Rabindranath Tagore

To make it feel more like summer, I have chosen the color palette taking into account the most beautiful elements of the season. From the bright yellow inspired by the morning sunlight to the intense purple inspired by the lovely sunset skies and everything in between. But it is not just a random combination of colors that I have come up with. Look a bit closer and you will notice another reminder of summer and another reason to properly name this design as a butterfly. The strange pattern that seems to be random at first sight is actually made out of dozens and dozens of flowers, each one more beautiful than the next. Put this on and you can almost see yourself inside a beautiful summer garden surrounded by all these colorful flowers and delicate butterflies.

And speaking of wearing it. You may be wondering how can you wear this blouse and what would go best with it? Well, you are in luck! This can be seen as a perfect summer piece, it is also great for almost any summer event or activity. It will go great with shorts, blue jeans or any other color you prefer, and it even goes well with a more glamour style skirt. Hence, you can wear this shirt for beach parties, pool parties, summer nights out or even just for a relaxing day at in the sun.

Let’s not forget one essential part of the ensemble, the accessories that were made especially for this outfit by an artist artisan who uses bits of unconventional materials to create true works of art. Great job Andrei Abrudean (

Just give it a shot and remember to take full advantage of these last days of your vacation!

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