5 Dresses Every Woman Should Own

In this article we are going to talk a bit about the basics of style, fashion and clothes in general. When it comes to a woman’s personal closet and style, there are a few basic items that should be present in order to offer the full versatility and flexibility with the everyday wear. These basic items refer to everything from basic pants and shirts to dresses and shoes.

Today, we are going to cover a few dresses that should exist in every woman’s closet. Each one of these has the role to show off the femininity of the woman wearing it and making her shine in any and every situation that she finds herself in.

Little Black Dress

We start with the famous, and to this day very popular, little black dress that many of you may have heard to be the absolute must of a woman’s wardrobe.

“One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” —Karl Lagerfeld

The idea of the little black dress is known to have been introduced during the 1920s through the designs of Coco Chanel and Jean Patou. Often referred to as simply LBD, this piece of garment was thought to be the completing piece of a woman’s wardrobe.

Even though there is no one design or staple that should be respected when it comes to the LBD, there are certain features that it has to respect in order to fit into this category and in order to complete its purpose. The design of this dress should be as simple as possible with no extra features, unnecessary lines, or even too much length. This basic frame, in which any candidate for this role should fit, is one of the many reasons for which this dress has survived through the decades and it is still considered a must have piece by many fashion experts.

The simplicity of this dress also made it very versatile, and this was no accident. The idea was, from the very beginning, that you could dress it up or down by simply adding certain accessories or other pieces of garment and it would fit any occasion you might need it for.

Cocktail Dress

The cocktail dress may not be so popular for those who don’t follow fashion trends so close or those who don’t usually have meetings where a cocktail dress might be needed. But we can change your mind about that and tell you why you need this type of dress in your wardrobe.

When it first appeared as a concept, the cocktail dress was actually of a long length, usually all the way to the ankles. Its name comes from the fact that it was usually worn for cocktail parties, which were a sort of semi-formal gatherings where you could skip the simple and basic LBD and go for something a little more casual and even colorful.

In the latest years, the cocktail dress has taken a little modification to its original design. Its length has been shortened, now most of these dresses not falling below the knees, and when it comes to colors and patterns, the femininity factor is at a high. The cocktail dress is expected to be of a bright or at least noticeable color or showing off a beautiful floral pattern. When it comes to the design, it is much more flexible than the LBD, different patterns or small alterations such as a bow or lace feature being much more encouraged and accepted.

Due to it being less formal, the cocktail dress can also be worn for different occasions when the attire requires semi-formal options or even casual, if the dress fits.

Evening Gown

The evening gown is a dress that may lack the most in a regular woman’s wardrobe. But this is not because she doesn’t want one or wouldn’t wear one. It is because this gown is suited for formal affairs and would rarely fit a semi-formal affair as well. But this doesn’t mean that a woman shouldn’t own one, just in case.

This sort of dress fits into a slightly larger pattern but it does have certain criteria to fulfill in order to be considered a proper gown. We’ll start by saying that this dress has to be of full length but it can also vary and range to tea or ballerina (these are also length sizes that can be above or below the ankle).  The evening gown is usually made out of exquisite and luxurious materials and fabrics such as silk or velvet in order to show off its grandeur and uniqueness. When it comes to the design, this is a little less restrictive, the evening gown being able to vary from the well known mermaid shape to a-line or trumpet and many others.

To get a more clear picture of what is an evening gown, I can tell you that most of the dresses you see on the red carpets of the different movie awards can be considered evening gowns. They are perfect for these occasions when the stars have to shine and the dresses have to glow.

Just to give you a hint of what I mean here are some celebs that from the 2015 Venice Film Festival red carpets. Please note that accessories are essential and Amber Heard had one of the best there is :))

All photos provided by la Biennale di Venezia


The sundress is, as its name explains, a dress meant to be worn during warm weather. These dresses are informal, made for everyday wear and have little restrictions when it comes to design.

These dresses, since their purpose is to be worn during warm weather, are usually made out of lightweight fabrics such as cotton and have a very loose fit in order to let the skin breathe. Their designs usually include bright colors and intricate patterns, spreading warm summer feelings wherever they are worn. The sundresses are known to be very feminine in nature, with their delicate features and beautiful designs and most of the time are associated with the summer season.

So if you don’t think that you have the perfect sundress in your wardrobe for this summer, there is still time to find the right one.

Maxi Dress

Last but not least, I wanted to talk a little about the maxi dress and why you should have one in your wardrobe.

The maxi dress simply means a dress of full length. If we put it simply like this it has no other restriction. But in the latest years, there has been a trend of reviving maxi dresses and being able to use them in multiple ways. While it is still mostly associated with the warm temperatures of Spring and Summer, the maxi dress can now be transformed and worn in very different occasions.

You can now own a maxi dress that can be worn simply at the beach on a hot summer day over your swimsuit. But you can also accessorize it in a way that it transforms into a perfect work outfit for a hot summer day. With the right jewelry it can even be used at a semi-formal affair. But I have to mention that all of this depends, of course, on the material of the dress and its patterns. So be sure to make the right choice and you can make a great deal by buying a simple and apparently non-formal maxi dress.