Because Love can warm-up everything!

I guess it was inevitable to imagine fashion designs for winter outfits without letting yourself slide into the lands of Mother Russia and the beauty she offered to the world of style during last couple of centuries.

Starting from a white base color of the cold and snowy Ural Mountains and the vast Siberian wilderness I imagined a short dress inspired by the Medieval Bakhterets scale armor that leaves freedom of movement while maintaining the view inside the confined space of fashion boldness underlining the femininity and sexiness of the person who wears it. The classic Russian fur hat had no need of transformation but in order to make it a dynamic ensemble I decided to take the classic Muff, divide it in two and convert it into two separate sleeve like hand warmers that balance the strong image of the hat.

I couldn’t ignore the jewel of the Russian Empire, the culinary gold that the magnificent Beluga Sturgeon is providing to the caviar aficionados so I’ve chosen a neck piece in the shape of the diamond scales of the Beluga.

As I do in all my projects, I had lots of fun imagining and illustrating everything stated above in a minimalistic way and hope you will enjoy it too.

Before I leave you to the photo gallery, I wanted to stress out some style advices, always true, but good to be recalled, especially at the beginning of a new year. As Coco Chanel used to say “la mode passe le style reste” or, in the words of the Queen “fashion passes; style remains” so it is important to remember that everyone’s fashion should start with ones personal style and that will light up every little thing you put on just because it becomes an expression of you.

Love, BDD


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Clothes and Styling: Black Diamonds Design

Photo: BiLoo

Make-up: Kiaari Design & Makeup

Hair-style: Andreea-Daniela Nicola

Model: Medeea Grunwald

Accessories: Lorena Moni