For old times’ sake, my dear

Slowly, but surely, we arrived at the long awaited moment of stepping into the New Year full of hope and joy, letting bygones be bygones, forgiving and forgetting all that bothered us during the year, including bad fashion and style decisions. 🙂

As stated already in the previous post this is the time for a short but serious analysis of what was good and bad in the year that goes away and improve ourselves for what follows after the clock announces that the day count just reset to 01/01.

For myself 2015 was a very good year, filled with work and creativity that made this blog come to life. I am grateful for having had the possibility of working with great people and beautiful souls that made every fashion project and photo session a life enriching experience and made me a better person and surely better in what I enjoy doing as a profession.

As this post will cover two years and is meant to be an end of the year message as well as a first statement at the very beginning of the new one, I thought about making it a two for one type so you get twice the style data than in the past ones.

The first ensemble is a deux pieces for a smart but casual New Year’s Party. The pencil skirt is a beautiful mix of little red roses pattern and delicate but glittery red spangles paired with a long sleeved skin tone silk blouse that lets the former get the spotlight. Of course the balance had to be restored and that I did by adding not one but two rich golden neckpieces with big red crystals and a pair of oversized chandelier earrings to match.

The next piece is a more classy one. I maintained the main motif, the glittering spangles, but this time the color got a bit smarter. The gold-fusion of the dress is emphasized by the deep red of the silk lining.

Being two ensembles that one might get to wear in the same night, in order to allow the phone booth change times, I maintained the baseline for the accessories, make-up and hair styling, including the animal print shoes that I think make a perfect couple with both of them. So Super Ladies the change is minutes away and you can enjoy the after party at ease.

Before closing the year, I wish you all my fashion friend and readers a Beautiful and Classy New Year and may you enjoy lots of Love and Harmony in everything you do.

Love BDD


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Photo: BiLoo

Make-up: Kiaari Design & Makeup

Hair-style: Andreea-Daniela Nicola

Model: Denisa Dehelean

Clothes and Styling: Black Diamonds Design

Accessories: Lorena Moni