Now, as the Christmas celebrations started to slowly fade from our memories leaving the spotlight to the next festivity, that will keep us concentrated over the things to wear on one of the most important nights of the year.

It is the time for the New Year resolutions and for promises that our next year will be better and we won’t make the same mistakes as in the past and that we will bring out a better version of ourselves and be bolder in our actions. It’s all there, some may happen some may not but I thought about a great way to step into the New Year looking bold and making a visual resolution that would be impossible to miss.

The dress I present to you is a favorite of mine and, as many of the designs I choose, has is so versatile and adaptable that can serve to many a purpose. The fabric I selected for this design is a leather-like organic pattern applied on a black tulle base allowing a certain transparency without revealing to much of the wonders that lie beneath it.

The starting point of this fashion project was to create an exotic outfit that would act as an amplifier to the sensuality and the natural beauty of the person who wears it. Leaving the dress sleeveless has the purpose of underlining the shoulder area and by so doing to create balance at chest level guiding the attention upwards to the upper neck and face.

The open front of the dress allows a discreet unveiling of your legs with a focal point on the main accessory of this creation, the shoes. I have chosen a pair of snake leather shoes that preserve the idea of the organic design of the dress and underline the exotic concept of the whole outfit.

In order to maintain the whole balance I suggest this kind of dress should be accompanied by a hair style that would grant visibility to the neck and ear and even accentuate them.

As stated in the beginning, this dress offers a lot of possibilities and can easily go from an elegant dinner dress for the New Year’s Eve celebration to a party dress just by changing the shoe type, like a pair of ankle booties and unbalance the order of the superior part by adding a leather jacket. Another perfect combination would be also with a pair of stilettos and a natural or eco fur short jacket.

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Photo: BiLoo

Make-up: Kiaari Design & Makeup

Hair-style: Andreea-Daniela Nicola

Model: Medeea Grunwald

Clothes and Styling: Black Diamonds Design