Greetings to all you fashion design aficionados!

Once again I come to you with a beautiful Winter styling idea that I hope will get us all deeper in the Winter celebrations, regardless of their form and location.

Cold, snow and ice I associate with the traditions and customs I used to know as a child when I was blessed with the comfort and warmth of my family and most of all the presence of my Granny, the one that introduced me to sewing and started in me the passion for fashion design and styling. I got inspired by the traditional knit fabrics, the wool in its various forms but always present to keep us warm and comfy and the actual atmosphere around the open fire with Season songs and fables.

The accessory I have chosen for this dress is a fluffy wool scarf that I pictured vertically, instead of the classic round the neck look, over one shoulder and down till knee level to accentuate the classy flow of the dress and distract the eye of the beholder from the details to the whole ensemble. To add a plus to all this I threw in a touch of glamour by adding a subtle yet very effective golden chain.

I must confess this outfit made me nostalgic and it reminded me why fashion design conquered me ages ago and got stuck with me as a passion and – most of all – as a profession that allows me to create not only outfits and dresses but a whole mix of tactile, visual and – most important – spiritual emotions starting from the basics of my up-bringing but sustained by the experiences that brought me till here.

I guess it is futile to say that for you out there who can but imagine a white Winter Season, this is an outfit that can easily be placed in hotter climates and even on a warm night on the beach with a lit candle and a glass of bubbly wine to complete the magic sound of waves washing the shore. It’s all about getting in the mood for the Season of joy and peace of mind.

Now I’ll let you walk virtually in the winter wonderland I pictured for you and hope you will enjoy it.

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Many thanks to my fashion and style team:

Photo: biLoo Photography

Make-up: Andreea Kiaari

Hair-style: Antonela Cocean

Clothes and Styling: Black Diamonds Design

Model: Medeea Gruenwald