Precious Food by a Master Jeweler

To be in Italy and not talk about food is like going to the beach and not get into the water. I thought about it a lot, but I started a fashion and design blog so I guess that subject would be off-topic. Fortunately in this country I don’t need to worry about that kind of dilemma.

First in Padua, at the famous Caffe’ Pedrocchi and then in Venice just round the corner from San Mark’s Square, I’ve met the marvelous creations of the master jeweler, Ferdinando Sandi.

I knew that Italy these days is all about four letters EXPO, the universal expo that takes place in Milan and that has the main focus on, guess what … FOOD.

Maestro Sandi decided to get that main theme and apply it to his art, and so it came to be a beautiful collection of rings that are inspired by some of the most famous Italian plates from the northern to the southern regions of the country.

Let’s not forget that Veneto is synonym with romanticism and il Maestro is all about that and uses as muse and inspiration his long time partner in life and work, wife Cristina, as himself admits: “often when I invent a jewel I do it with her in mind, with her wearing it, because to sustain a high-end jewel one needs class… high-class”.

Returning to the collection, here it is:

Tagliolini al nero di seppia   (Pasta with cuttlefish ink)

A plate from the Venezian tradition made from 18Kt white gold and brilliant cut diamonds.

Tagliatelle alla bolognese (Pasta Bologna style)

A plate of Central Italy made from 18 Kt gold and brick-red enamel.

Risotto alla  milanese (Rice Milan style)

The classic risotto of Milan made with saffron, here made of 18Kt. gold and enamel.

Orecchiette con cime di rapa (Pasta with green leaf vegetables)

Originated in South-Eastern Italy and made of 18 Kt. gold and green enamel.

La Pizza

A plate that started in Naples but conquered the world. Made of 18 Kt. gold with green (for basil), white (for mozzarella) and red (for tomato paste) enamel that just happens to be the color combination of the National flag of Italy.