4 Dresses to Picture Venice

Venice, the city of love and romance, of water and boats, of gondolas and masks, but you already know all that.

I love this city and everything about it. The thing is that autumn is maybe the best time to go there, not only because of the weather but because there are lots of events happening in a short window of time. There’s the Venice Film Festival in the first days of September, there’s the traditional boat race called Regata Storica that is taking place at the same time and so many other social and art events that may vary from one year to the other.

Venice was and is a melting pot of cultures and influences and that is why I have chosen four dresses that do not share much amongst them but together they reflect the actual spirit of Venice.

The first one I picked is the casual, green-grey Roman style dress that expresses not only the Latin background of the area but is also a chromatic reflection of the green-grey Venetian stone walls and water of the lagoon. Once I had the location pictured I got to choosing romanticism through a light and flowered dress that floats like the Sea breeze on the Venetian calles, the same wind that for centuries blew in the sails of the ships of the Serenissima and allowed them to bring home the most exotic marches of the time. This diversity of items, people and cultures I expressed through the last two dresses, one for the colorful Far East and one for the wild India and Africa.

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoyed that beautiful day in St. Mark’s City.

Love BDD

P.s. Don’t ever forget what Mademoiselle Coco used to say: “Fashion passes; Style remains”

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Dresses and Styling:  Black Diamonds Design

Handmade accessories and Model: Orsolya Kis