The Hat Trick – 1st Base – AMERICAN

My next few stories will be focusing on hats. They might just be the oldest accessories that people used – mainly for practical reasons – for millennia. It was only in the last few hundred years that they became fashion elements, but never lost their “sheltering” purpose.
The cowboy hat is probably one of the most recognizable types of hats on the planet. I decided to adapt it for this session and turn it in an easy summer accessory for a light natural material and a relaxed afternoon by the pool or at the beach.

[1] The cowboy hat goes perfect with a pair of skinny jeans and a duster or a cocoon coat.
[2] Accessorize by adding to your outfit a leather belt and/or leather straps.
[3] Decorate: the crown ribbon offers you the possibility to accessorize, so feel free to change it as often as you want and improve it by applying various crystals or broaches.

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Photo: biLoo Photography

Make-up: Andreea Kiaari

Hair-style: Antonela Cocean

Clothes and Styling: Black Diamonds Design

Model: Oana Slimac