The Overall

Starting as a working class clothing element – especially for farm and railroad blue-collars – in the early 20th century, the overall was an adaptation of the, then famous, suspenders for the working people.

It brought together the all purpose and enduring denim with the fashionable English braces in order to obtain a comfortable, protective, yet affordable item. The entering in the fashion industry was a couple of decades later, in the 60’s during the “sexual revolution” and after a dull period in the 80’s, it regained its fashion status in the 90’s.

Fashion adapted the common overall and transformed it in a fashion chameleon that evolved with the times and needs of the people that wore them. The 60’s were dominated by rich colored materials and textures and introduced the shortalls by literary cutting the legs of the original and adapting for adult use a children classic.

It’s this statement that I decided to concentrate upon and went a step further by cutting the braces altogether and leaving a sexy, bit-stretchy, all-season garment.

Love, B:D:D


Tips and tricks

[1] all season – as stated, don’t get stuck in the seasons, overalls are not white shoes so wear them as much as you like.

[2] easy to adapt – the overall is already a centerpiece so worry only about accessorizing it for the time of day you intend to wear it.






Photo: biLoo Photography

Make-up and Model: Andreea Kiaari

Hair-style: Antonela Cocean

Accessories: Rainbow by Abrushop

Clothes and Styling: Black Diamonds Design

P.S. Don’t ever forget what Mademoiselle Coco used to say: “Fashion passes; Style remains” … xoxo